Karolína Kozlíková Karolína Kozlíková
Club leading
Communication with rector
New projects procurement
president [at] iscmendelu.cz
Michal Honěk Michal Honěk
Vice president
Doing the vice-president kinda stuff
vice-president [at] iscmendelu.cz
klára dubnická Klára Dubnická
Local Rep., Social Erasmus
Keeping a record of all documents, club administration
socialerasmus [at] iscmendelu.cz
Alena Sobotková Alena Sobotková
PR Manager
Gaining exposure, spread of information, designing communications campaigns.
prmanager [at] iscmendelu.cz
Whereis Kateřina Mlejnková
Event Manager
Planning presentation a promotion of planed events.
eventmanager [at] iscmendelu.cz
Whereis František Ostřížek
IT Manager
Manage information technology and help others
itmanager [at] iscmendelu.cz
Richard Mazúr Richard Mazúr
Contacts with companies, sponsors.
fundraisermanager [at] iscmendelu.cz
Karolína Kozlíková Karolína Kozlíková
HR Manager
Management of people, focuses on policies and on systems.
hrmanager[at] iscmendelu.cz
Katerina Mlejnkova Kateřina Mlejnková
She focuses on Charity, Enviroment, Education
treasurer[at] iscmendelu.cz
Mountain View Mr. Peas
Our mascot :)
Katerina Mlejnkova