Another month is here and great events with it! We've already enjoyed great Country Presentation with Spain and FInland in L'Apero, which was the first time there, so we are sorry for some complications! We will improve it for the next time! 

This weekend we went to amazing Ski Trip to Karlov, where all of you were simply amazing! Big party is waiting for you this week with VUT and MU as well - Erasmus Night! 
There will be also Tour de Pub, Karaoke party, where you can feel like a star for a while, party in Green later. We are preparing also another sport event - Jump Park, Spanish party which was also previous semester and was one of the best! 

At the end of the month, there will be another Pub Quiz. Finally, you can suit up and take your best dresses and come to the International Ball, which will be in Casino Royale style!


Fotka uživatele Alena Sbt.