Respect and love for food and drinks that’s the philosophy of Caffé Fratelli. This concept has been created by TONI&GUY team, team of hairdressing fashion icons.
Caffé Fratelli Brno is the only middle-European representative of this stylish family of British cafes. Even big name like Mr Toni Mascolo (initiator of the brand TONI&GUY) has attended the opening ceremony on 22nd of September.

Fratelli means brothers in Italian and Caffé Fratelli is an ideal place for your meetings with friends or family. According to Caffé Fratelli's ideology staff is particularly trained to understand and manage the coffee language, since the lack of original top class espresso was a reason why 'italian' Fratelli in London has been founded. Brno is not an exception. You can enjoy great coffee or typical Italian specialties as well as glass of good italian wine.